Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Sure, celebrities get to enjoy a lot of perks that us ‘commoners’ could only dream of… Attending red carpet events, the luxury of having a personal assistant and an entourage of on-call stylists. We could go on for days!

But even the rich and famous can fall prey to a bad tattoo that would look best if it was completely removed.

When we saw this list of the ‘Worst Celebrity Tattoo’s,’ we just had to share. Some of our favorites are:

Cher�s �booty wings�

How often do you think she's still showing these off?

Angelina�s �Billy Bob�

She had this removed later...

Nichole Ritchie�s �Virgin�

Not sure when this was true...

Check out the full list here.

How do you think these tattoos have affected their careers?

For better or worse, we know how much longer these celebs are subjected to the makeup chair to cover up their ink, and we can’t help but want to issue a blanket “THINK BEFORE YOU INK” public service announcement to benefit all you future fame monsters.

Did you notice any famous tats missing from the list? Got a picture of the worst you’ve seen? Leave a comment here or find us on Facebook and tell us about a tattoo you have that might be better off deleted.




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