Worst Tattoos – 2013 Tattoo Removal Resolutions

How do you define the worst tattoo? Bad location? Amateur artwork? A motto that is about as deep as Stuart Smalley’s daily affirmations? You be the judge. In no particular order, here are tattoos destined for laser tattoo removal in the New Year.

Zac Efron YOLO Tattoo
On a serious note, Zac Efron’s YOLO (You Only Live Once) tattoo makes our list without a thought-which must be how YOLO last year’s “Carpe Diem” ended up on Zach’s hand. As mentioned in his “Lucky One” interview, Zach is familiar with the phrase tattoo mistake. Maybe Zach should have adopted Gandi’s  motto ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ instead of YOLO.  One of the most regretted locations after, of course, your “face” is a tattoo on your “hand.”    

When it comes to celebrity tattoos, both good and bad, our favorite “Worst Tattoos” are the pink inked Tupac tribute “Thug Life” accross Rihanna’s knuckles and the amateur “Lucky You” slogan along Scarlett Johansen’s ribcage. Of course no “Worst of” list would not be complete without Lindsey Lohan. Could it be time for her amateur “SHHH” or her ubiquitous “live without regret” hand tattoos to go? Both make our list!

Which brings us to a recent article, in which we see everything from Ke$ha’s bottom lip shouting “Suck It”

Kei$ha tattoo  to a  Mitt Romney face tattoo…

Romney Tattoo Removal

which confirms “What our “Worst Tattoo” recipients were thinking?” 

“Get Your Ex Off Your Back” is more than just Delete — Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon’s slogan.  It is the reason Chris Brown and Kat Von D just started laser tattoo removal this month.  These two celebrities have publicized memorializing their true love with portrait tattoos.  Unfortunately, their tattoos lasted longer than their relationships.  Our advice…never ever commemorate your relationship with a tattoo.  It is a deathblow to young love!

There are plenty of bad tattoos out there. Shock Mansion’s Worst Tattoos is one of our favorite collections. We like to say, “Everyone makes mistakes.” and here are 60 of the worst. Luckily, when these folks and our celebrity stars decide their ink isn’t exactly what they wanted, they can hit Delete. There really is affordable, pain-free and scar-free tattoo removal. We just wish PINK had given Delete a call for before calling it tattoo removal quits!

Tattoo removal is all about living without regret and last but not least, Hayden Panettiere makes our Worst Tattoo list for her misspelled “Vivere senza rimipianti,” which is meant to be “to live without regrets” in Italian. Unfortunately her tattoo reads “rimipianti” instead of “rimpianti.”  Hayden Bad Tattoo

At least her motto wasn’t YOLO… but then at least Zach’s tattoo is not misspelled. 


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