You Got Penut Buter in My Chocoate

The word of the day today is schadenfreude, which for those of you who aren’t up to speed on your German is: ‘enjoyment obtained from other people’s troubles? and that is exactly what you get from viewing this gallery on funny celebrity television host, Ellen DeGeneres? website. Ellen asks her audience to send in their best of the worst paid-for ink, and, guys, you need to see these heartbreakingly bad tatts for yourself!

After stumbling upon the site, and clicking through the 91 pictures, we were reminded why we’re in the tattoo removal business: bad tattoos happen, and way too often.

Reeses tattoo

The most recent post to the slideshow is an attempt at a 3D packet of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. We know, that doesn’t seem like the smartest choice of tattoos to begin with, let alone on your wrist but this ‘sweet? tattoo is taken one step further as it ended up being a ‘Reese’s chocoate penut buter cup? packet instead. Guess someone hadn’t heard of spell check!

Thanks for making this a publicly enjoyed site, Ellen, we can always appreciate a good laugh now and then!

Check out all the other examples of horribly bad tattoos on Ellen’s site, or send them a picture of your own.. and send it to us too, for that matter!



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