You have a Chanel tattoo? You must be so classy!

We all know at least one person who is brand-obsessed. Just turn on the radio and listen to today�s mainstream rap and count how often they throw in a Gucci or a Louis. Here�s just one stellar example: �And we stuntin� like / Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada.� Ah, lyrical genius at its finest.

Hey, you have something under your eye!

Chanel doesn�t seem to get as much attention as other brands in the music world, but it recently made waves with a new accessory � tattoos of the trademark interlocking C�s of the brand, discussed in this Guardian article. The ink is tiny but distinct, appearing on the faces of models in Chanel�s Cruise Collection show this week.

Chanel will officially be launching the tat as a beauty spot later this year, so if you�ve ever wanted to use your body as an advertising space, here�s your chance. There�s a possibility that this new accessory could catch on with the public, given that it�s small and �classy� thanks to Chanel�s brand image.

But we�re asking you: is Chanel�s latest development a good idea or just one destined to fade like this spring�s collection?



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